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Effortless Purchasing Process

At our platform, we aim to provide you with a seamless and easy purchasing experience. Before making any purchase, please confirm the package information carefully. Your Mining Contract will activate  immediately after payment confirmation.


Daily Payouts

We understand that receiving your mining payouts promptly is critical. Therefore, our cloud mining payouts are automatically settled to your account balance every 24 hours after you purchase the contract.


No Hidden Fees

Our cloud mining packages only charge a physical mining machine rental fee. We don't charge any management or electricity fees, making our packages a cost-effective solution for all your mining needs.


Special Terms

This contract is a promotional contract and requires the purchase of at least 2 copies. Upon expiration, your contract will automatically terminate. Please note that all purchases are final and non-refundable until the contract is completed in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Risk Management

We understand that natural disasters, policy changes, war, and political turmoil can impact your mining experience. Our platform does not hold any liability for power failures or damages to mines or mining machines caused by force majeure events.